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The press industry is entering the next stage of its development. This stage is predestined by the world’s growing demands on high-quality press products and originality. Our long experience since 1981 in this area has shown us that we must always keep the promise of being a bridge between our customers and the latest advanced technology in the press.

Visar Idrizi
Executive Director

About us

Viprint is a customer-oriented business that provides printing services for private, state, public, and international organizations operating in the Republic of Kosovo and abroad.

Our business scope covers the printing of books, magazines, packaging, self-adhesive labels, posters, wall calendars, table calendars, memorandums, newsletters, envelopes, business cards, tickets, packages, bags, and various advertising materials of the enterprises in the market.

Our plan is to expand our business by offering high quality, speed of work and innovative new products for our customers. And today, we are certainly the most innovative printing press not only in Kosovo but also wider.

Why VI-Print?

Would you like to deal with just one printing house which meets all your needs? Then contact VI Print. From filming, printing, lamination, and die cutting to special effects and much more. All those services you find in VI Print.

Realizing how important deadlines are to our customers, we do not take on jobs unless we are sure that we will complete them when needed. We value your time, and therefore offer your business the convenience of pickup and delivery. Whether it’s a simple spot color business card, a time-sensitive postcard, a full color brochure, a multipage newsletter or a high-end catalogue, you can count on your printing job being done on time!

We provide personal attention to detail and follow-up, communicating to you the progress or challenges in meeting your due date. We believe in keeping our promises to you, and we are committed to standing behind our work.

VI Print has the knowledge and experience which allows us to complete your business printing projects correctly in one time. From simple one or two color jobs to high-end full color commercial offset printing, our quality is exceptional. From conceptualization through to final project completion.

VI Printing is intended to serve as your long-term partner, support and meet your needs through a wide range of products designed specifically for you.

We offer quality

Our services

The scope of our service covers the printing of books, magazines, posters, folders, wall calendars, desk calendars, memos and note pads, newsletters, envelopes, business cards , tickets, package boxes, bags, as well as various other materials needed for enterprise market promotion.

Special printing effects

Combination of foil, emboss and micro textures

It is possible for very elegant 3-dimensional effects.

Combination of folio and embossing

For 3-dimensional folio and embossing artwork

Embedding / Debugging

Embossing and Debugging are very elegant and very attractive processes. Embossing is the effect where the text or picture portion rises above the surface while debiance is the opposite.

Florescent printing

If you want a piece of your work to attract a lot of attention eg the title of magazines, various flyers, etc.; Then the flourishing press is what you need.

Foil Stamping

The hot foil is a metal foil that is pressed through the hot cliché. What makes the folio different from printing is the possibility of metal foil. Hot Foil is a classic design that gives you value in various products such as covers of catalogs, cosmetics, postcards, labels, bandages etc …

Spot Varnish

Parcial spray is a glossy spray that is applied to a part of the press to give gloss, glitter, and attractive attraction. The varnish can be used with texture, crystallism, the effect of gold and silver, and so on.

High quality work

Our products

  • Hardcover binding Books
    Perfect Binding - a form of binding most often used in the types of books otherwise known as paperback or softcover books. Perfect bound books can also be useful for manuals, catalogues, and annuals. Formati A5 A6 B5 B6
  • Cake package
    They are easy for them to be easily transported; therefore they are convenient to use. Although they weigh less, they can support the weight of the sealed product and provide full protection.
  • Gold hot foil
    The result is a document that has a highly reflective image with a bright and dense gold appearance.
  • Embosim
    Embossing alters the surface of paper by creating a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas. The process is simple and a cost-effective way of enhancing the look and texture of the paper.
  • Business Cards
    It is the first impression that counts! With our quality of business cards you will leave a lasting impression. Dimension 85x55mm 80x50mm 90x50mm
  • Wobbler
    If you're thinking about producing a promotional flyer, why not try the simple and effective promotional wobbler. Dimension A5 A6 A7 B5 B6 B7
  • Folded flyers
    Folded flyers are one of the most popular marketing tools: Also called, folded leaflet, this useful all-rounder is an essential piece of exhibition equipment, for example. Dimension A4 B4
  • Flyer
    Leaflet with ample space for information. Dimension A5 A6 B5 B6 DL

WOW Offer

Soon will be launched wow offer, continue to follow us…

Technological advantages we possess

Sophisticated machinery

Having the most modern printing machine gives Viprint the advantage over competitors that the customer will experience after using the product. In December 2016, Viprint introduced the B1 (100x70cm) offset printing machine, the renowned German company 'Man Roland', as well as other machines for paper and cardboard processing. Viprint is also the first company in Kosovo to use specialty spray varnish and a 3D relief car with silver and gold foil. Viprint's machine covers the print performance entirely from the basic elements to the special closing effects.
  • Man Roland 305, Machine Offset B2 Five-Color
  • Man Roland 705, Machine B1Offset Five-Color
  • Man Miller TP4, Offset Machine Two-Color
  • Man Roland 201, Offset Machine One-Color
  • Heidelberg GTO, Offset Machine One-Color
  • Cron-Kodak, Tile Drive
  • MBO 66, Folding Paper Machine
  • MBO 54, Folding Paper Machine
  • Miller Martin, Sewing and Cutting Machine
  • Heidelber ST300, Sewing and Cutting Machine
  • Horizon, Book binding machine
  • …. and a host of other devices!
The best proof for our work

Our Clients

Vi Print has shown loyalty and correctness over the course of 10 years of cooperation with VM3 Sh.p.k in
offset printing, plasticizing, special effects and packaging for various products. Viprint captures the
expertise you need from the beginning of the concept to the end of the project. Despite our urgent
requirements, deliveries are always made in a timely manner.

Driton Abdullahu


Puzzle Media as a marketing company, there would be no progress without using print. A casual meeting of the Puzzle Media Officer Arsim Demiri and Visar Idrizi, CEO of Viprint in 2011, made us today a close associate in the print industry, always at the cutting edge of sophisticated technology. During these years in partnership with Viprint, we have managed to deport to the regional market like Albania, Macedonia, and the European market with different materials and products. Viprint we rank as the leader in innovation field, besides the special team, fast services, and transport efficiency. Today, Puzzle Media is growing every day and is competitive in the local and European markets.

Arsim Demiri

Puzzle Media – CEO

Our cooperation with Viprint has started about 5 years, where we have implemented the most contemporary and modern prints together. In the following years, our cooperation has expanded and so Viprint has become one of the close partners of the Meridian Express company. We highly recommend cooperation with Viprint, which is fair, easy and at the same time very innovative in the field that operates.

Besa Osmani

Meridian Express - Marketing


Our Office Parku i Biznesit Mitrovica, Kosovo
Phone +377 45 555 095
Email Address [email protected]

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